T-REX style Rib-Eye Steaks!

First let me thank so many of you who have been unknowingly molding my egger development for many weeks. A couple of months ago I was first exposed to the BGE, and after eating the best steak of my life, I knew I had to have one of these!

When I saw the BGE table at my local dealer I was unimpressed, way to flimsy and not really what I wanted. So after finding this forum and TNW's site I decided to build my own and reward myself upon completion with the purchase of an egg - A special thanks to TNW's table gallery page and the contributors there from which I drew many idea for my table.

As my deck is not covered, I decided to build a table with a water-tight cabinet so that I could keep my lump in the table.

Well, the table has progressed nicely, but before it was completely finished my wife decided to surprise me with the egg. Fortunately I was far enough along to go ahead and install it and fire it up.

Last night I prepared T-REX Rib-Eye's for my wife and she was blown away.

Now to finish the table, the granite you see sitting on top will be recessed into the surface when I'm done, and I've still got a 2nd coat of stain to put on the doors and install knobs and magnetic door catches, but otherwise it's done.

Now the learning get switch into high gear.