An all-egg meal that even PETA could love!

OK, I wanted to play with the egg a bit so I thought my 2nd cook would be an all veggie meal that would allow me to play with varying cook durations.

I started with creating a marinade for some portabella caps. A simple marinade of Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Rosemary, and Garlic, let the caps sit in the marinade all day while at work. When I got home they looked like this:

Next step was to prep for roasted corn in the husk. So I stripped the corn of all but about 2 layers of husk and soaked the corn for an hour in a salt-water brine.

At this point I fired up the egg and while it was coming up to 350* I put some carrots with fresh sage leaves and butter in a foil tent, and some asparagus with butter and lemon pepper in some tents.

Then it was time to grill. The corn went on first. By itself for 15 minutes, then I turned the corn and added the carrots, waited 5 minutes - turned corn again and added the asparagus, waited 10 then added the Portabellas. At this point the grill looked like this:

Let everything sit for 4 minutes, then flipped the shrooms and waited 4 more minutes. At this point I took everything off the grill and plated it up:

It was all terrific - this egg is an amazing cooker!