Worcestershire-Cilantro Burgers with Onion/Feta TopHats

Last night I decided to do burgers with some more of our corn. (See the All-Veggie Post for corn in the husk details if interested.)

Started with some basic 80/20 burger and added Worcestershire sauce and some dried cilantro, mixed it all up and made patties. Then indented the top of the patties and inserted a slice of onion, making sure to keep the curvature grain of the onion slice such that the onion would want to open towards the burger. I also made it a point to create a healthy lip of meat over the edge of each of the onion slices. After forming I topped each burger with some additional dried cilantro.

After getting patties prepped I fired up the Egg and brought it to 400*, then it was time to toss things on the grill. I cooked the burgers for 8 minutes with the onion side up, then flipped them onion side down for 8 more minutes. (This is why it was important to get the grain of the onion right so it will stay together on the grill when upside-down under the burger.) Then flipped it right side up again and added a touch of Feta cheese on top of the onion slices. I shut down the draft door and while the cheese was softening I tossed the buns onto the grill for toasting:

After three minutes to allow the bread to toast I pulled everything off. I like burgers well done, so if you want it rarer adjust your times accordingly.

Added a little tomato, pickle, and some more onion and enjoyed some great burgers! The feta cheese and cooked in onion was fantastic!

Next up on my Eggsperience list will be Kabobs - hopefully tonight!

EggNerd - Phil