Serrano-Lime Marinated KaBobs

Well after Tiger Tony mentioned kabobs yesterday, I had to give them a shot so tonight it was kabobs all the way.

I started with creating a marinate with a low-sodium Soy Sauce, then added lime juice and some homemade Serrano pepper sauce that a friend of mine makes. (Thanks Don!) Stirred it up and then chunked some chicken and some eye steak. Tossed that into the marinade and put it back into the refrig for 6 hours. For long marinades using a soy sauce base it's important to use a low-salt soy otherwise the salt will take over your meat by the time you cook it.

Then I cut up some veggies into similar sized chucks. My k-bob veggies of choice are yellow and red bell pepper, white button mushrooms, yellow squash, and cherry tomatoes.

After letting the marinade do it's job I skewered everything up sprinkled the bobs with some fresh-ground pepper and a touch of the Original BGE spice.

Note that the meat has a cooked appearance, which is due to the lime juice doing a chemical cook in the marinade, this pic is pre-cook as you can tell from the veggies.

Then I brought everything out to the egg and warmed it up to about 420*:

When temp was reached onto the egg it went:

Closed the lid for 7 minutes, then flipped them for another 5. Note: When using skewers like this they get hot! Plan on having something to turn them with. I used my grill lifter as pliers and which worked out well!

Here's a shot with the daisy removed looking down into the grill:

Five minutes after the flip, the bob's looked like this:

And it was time to take them off the grill, and send them to their ultimate demise:

As always the BGE did it's part flawlessly! Everything was moist and tender and ... I know it's starting to sound like a broken record - but ... these were the best kabob's I've ever had!

I've turned out rubber-chicken on my gasser for years without figuring out why it wasn't better. The reality here is that I'm not a good cook - I have to give credit 1st to the wonder of this egg, as it's so very forgiving, and secondly to this forum! You guys are a wealth of great information and I've already learned so much about the process of doing it right!

Tonight I have to take a break from cooking as I really need to get my table finished up! Thanks a bunch to everyone!