Basic Cook - Eye Steaks/Chicken Breasts/Corn

Nothing special today... Decided to use the egg as a grill again after a week or so of practicing lo-and-slo.

Needed to use up some stuff in the fridge so went with Eye-Steaks, chicken breasts and some more corn in the husk.

Prep was straight forward - kosher salt and ground pepper on the Eye Steaks and Lemon-Pepper on the Chicken Breasts:

Corn onto the grill first at 300* for 20 minutes, then turned, raised temp to 350, then tossed on the steaks and breasts:

Cooked until desired doneness and served with a tossed salad with herbed feta cheese topping:

Enjoyed eating outside on the patio.

Between the Egg magic and the fresh air, it turned a plain meal into something quite enjoyable.

All the best,