EggNerd's Pictorial Guide to ABT's

Ok, let's start with the disclaimers: I'm no expert at ABT's, in fact these pictures represent the first time I've ever made them... (I mention this because each time I post I get emails asking me questions as if I know what I'm doing:......When...I...Really...Dont...) But, if you have questions, please visit the sites I link to from my BGEpage and spend a little time reading - all the mysteries of the egg will be revealed.

And yes, I have gone a bit insane with the pics this time... but... These ABT's are great!

Now granted "[A]tomic [B]uffalo [T]urds" is a weird name for them; personally I prefer [A]lmost [B]etter [T]han [S]ex, but since I didn't invent them I didn't get to pick the name...

So for anyone out there whose never before made ABT's ... by all means do so, they are easy to do and taste great!!!

Here's my attempt at a step-by-step guide to knocking them out:

Assuming you've already got your ingredients (described later), you can start your lump, as Tossing ABT's together is fast and easy and can be done in the time it takes your Egg to warm up:

(I'm a big fan of the electric fire starter, no mess, 8 minutes and your off!)

While your Egg is waking up, start by collecting your ingredients:

ABT's are a finger food based on stuffing half a pepper. Jalapeno's are traditional, but other peppers can also be used if you prefer a different flavor or level of heat. (See EggNerd's Guide to Pepper Heat if Jalapeno's are not right for you!)

The first step is to split your peppers lengthwise:

Keep in mind that each Pepper will end up making two ABT's. Once you've split your peppers, you then need to carefully cut out the seeds and veins. (You can preserve some of this for additional heat if desired.) Do not cut away the stem end of the pepper as the idea is to create little boats that will support the ingredients to be added later:

You are now at the first opportunity to spice the ABT's to your own taste preferences. For these ABT's I decided to lightly sprinkle the pepper boats with "Big Green Egg Gourmet Seasoning":

The next step is to insert your primary stuffing. Here you can go hog wild, and many people do as pulled pork is a popular stuffing, other stuffing's include shrimp, chicken, ham, or anything else you prefer. (My wife indicates she would enjoy them without any meat stuffing at all!) In this case I decided to use miniature polish sausages. Once the stuffing has been placed into the boats there is an opportunity for additional flavor spicing if you prefer. In my case I decided to add some chopped onion flakes:

Next, seal your stuffing into your pepper boats using a liberal coating of cream cheese. One tip here is to have previously warmed up your cream cheese so it's a bit easier to spread.

Now that your cream cheese layer is finished, you have yet another opportunity to spice to taste. I decided to sprinkle each with a touch of lemon-pepper:

Now it's time to seal your creation in a cocoon of bacon. I used 1 strip of bacon on each ABT wrapping them in a spiral pattern where the bacon overlapped the previous turn:

Now it's time to check your Egg. You want a temperature of about 325*:

I used a placesetter for indirect heat, but if you don't have one don't worry about it. Using a placesetter helps insure consistent heat and reduces the need to rotate the ABT's while cooking, without one you should move them around on the grill as necessary to insure consistency.

Once your temp is stable, put them on your Egg:

Being a nut for flavors, we've built an herb garden on top of our deck not 15 feet from the Egg:

So I couldn't help but add a little bit of fresh rosemary to each ABT before closing the lid:

Now the story is to wait until it's done. Assuming you keep your temperature close to 325*F you should think in terms of approximately 45 minutes. After 30 minutes it's a good idea to take a peak and adjust for any cold spots if your not using a placesetter. When the bacon is crispy to your liking -- your done:

Take them off the grill and serve them up:

They will be hot internally so give them 10 minutes or so before you bite into them.

While the steps look involved, it really goes fast, I prepared a dozen ABT's in the time it took the Egg to come to temperature.

Have fun experimenting with your favorite spices and fillings, but remember that bacon is a fairly salty product so I do not recommend using any salt-based spices in your ABT's.