Before and  After: 

I recently found this picture in a box of old photo's that hasn't seen the light of day for over 30 years.  This treasure-trove of old black and white images was great.  Since B&W pics don't fade like old color images do, they have good contrast and are excellent candidates for digital restoration.  Unfortunately these pictures were handled and stored rather poorly and most are wrinkled, some with moth holes in them, all will need to be restored.

This picture was taken on a fall day in Sept of 1965, to commemorate the fact that I had just learned to ride my "Western Flyer" without training wheels. I still remember the anticipation and anxiety leading up to that day and the sense of accomplishment at leaving those wheels behind.  I was four at the time. 

I included both the raw scan and after retouch views of this image to give a little insight into the process. I spent about 30 minutes in the digital retouch effort of this image.  For anyone who hasn't done photo-retouch before I highly recommend a package called Paintshop Pro.

Both images are clickable for native resolution.

Before Retouch                                                               After Image Retouch

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