Anyone Hungry?

I received this picture from a friend who was diligently working to make me feel the stress of my dieting.  With friends like this.....  Fortunately for me, it's a Rhubarb pie and since I'm not "into" Rhubarb, it didn't destroy my resolve, but it did none the less make me notice my hunger more acutely.  (So apparently the mission was a success.)  Had it been Apple, that would have been a serious challenge.  (There is a reason why so many people think the fruit of temptation in the Genesis story was an Apple!) 

But, this pie came with a story of it's own that I found interesting.   Seems there is a social fundraiser at a church wherein the pie pan has a tradition of it's own.  Each year the pie, which must be Rhubarb, is auctioned off at an annual fundraiser.  The pie you are looking at went for $120! (Imagine the price if they opened it up to Apple! <Sigh>)  The lucky purchaser of the pie then gets to enjoy it's consumption.  But that pleasure comes with an obligation.  The same pie pan must be brought back the next year with another Rhubarb pie to be presented again to the highest bidder.

Sound's like a great tradition.


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