Bohemian Nerd:

This picture was taken in September 1984 at a break area of Kennedy Space Center.  My oldest son had just been born, and I was working in Florida as a software engineer at the time.  The shuttle fleet was young and it was an upbeat time for NASA. 

The IBM XT had just come out and the first Macintosh was the hot buzz of the industry.  The hottest selling machine at the time was the Commodore-64, and the really expensive modems operated at 1200 baud.  The internet existed but most people had not heard of it yet, the first webpage was still seven years away, and Mosaic (The first graphical web browser) was still nine years in the future.

If you are in the central Florida area and have the chance, be sure to check out the KSC launch schedule, there are few man-made things that are more impressive to witness, in person, than a space launch.  I was lucky, I lived about 45 miles due west of KSC, and on clear days could watch shuttle launches from my front yard.  Night launches are particularly impressive.

I grew the moustache because my wife felt I looked younger than she did, which made her uncomfortable.  A couple of years later I got rid of it when my son (then 2) made the statement that because of it we "didn't look like buddies".  I was never a real fan of it anyway, so off it came.  (And eventually so did the hair!)  I've never grown a beard, nor had any desire to do so.


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