Own the moment, or be Owned by it...

For the moment is your life.

Years ago, I met a kid who was performing table magic at an area restaurant.  Though quite young, it was obvious he was unusually talented at his craft.  When his shift was over, I took the time to strike up a conversation with him.  He was quite dedicated to his art, and obviously a talent waiting to be discovered.  As I was someone with an amateur interest in magic, he counseled me in basic technique.  A few weeks later he invited me to accompany him to a magic workshop to be taught by several of the top magicians in the country.  It was a great experience and the beginning of what grew into a valued friendship.

In time he grew restless with the opportunities offered by this sleepy Midwestern town, and dreamed of bigger things.  While everyone was discouraging him from taking chances, I stood alone in recommending that he pursue the dream.  He decided to risk it all, and without a job waiting for him moved to Las Vegas (The land of magicians.)

His name is Apollo Robbins, and now, seven years later he is recognized as the world's best pickpocket magician.  He's been featured in numerous television specials, and is a highly sought after Vegas performer.  If you're in Vegas, and have an opportunity to do so, make it a point to see him work, it's a treat you will most certainly enjoy.

Here's a picture of Apollo from before anyone outside Springfield, MO had heard of him: (Circa 1997)

I was blessed to know him before he became famous. I know him as a great guy who is always interesting to talk with, whose talents, in addition to his magic, include juggling, and art.  This picture is of a caricature he drew of me many years ago, I have kept it framed in my computer lab, ever since.  Thanks Apollo, it's been an honor to watch your life take direction.  Aren't you glad you decided to "take the chance"?


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