Blink of an Eye

It seems like only yesterday...  But it was twelve years ago, in 1991, that this picture was taken.  This was a garden Chris and I had worked that summer. Chris was seven in this picture. FWIW, this was the last time I ever put out a garden.  Soon afterwards I simply became too busy to have time for such pursuits, maybe someday. 

The outbuilding you see behind us has an interesting story.  I built it two years earlier as my first computer lab.  It's design features included backup power systems, two electrical outlets on every wall stud all the way around the inside, buried utilities, including network feeds to the main house. (Quite unusual for 1989)  I super insulated the structure, even running silicone fillets on all the frame joints.  As a result this structure never needed heating.  The heat generated by the computers would keep it quite warm all winter.  In the summer it required 24/7 AC.

The Horizons Consulting Lab operated out of this structure from 1989 until Spring of 1992 when growth required a quest for additional space.  But the quiet nights spent developing network applications in this lab will always be remembered fondly.

It seems like only yesterday that Chris was this young, and Derrick Jones and I would work all night, knocking out network applications until sunrise, stopping only to do a Hardee's run just before 4am. (Before they would switch their menu over to breakfast.)

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