Never a dull moment

In 1990 the gold standard for LAN connectivity equipment was a company by the name of Thomas Conrad.  Unfortunately their prices were also gold standard and lower cost alternatives quickly stripped the market away from them, but in 1990 they were king.

One benefit of selling the most expensive equipment in the marketplace was that they could afford to throw really big parties.  At the time the biggest parties each year were tossed at the Networld convention in Dallas, Texas each September.  (This was before NetWorld also dried up after Novell pulled their support.)

No expense was spared at these parties, including things like renting out Six Flags, closing it to the public and having the entire park for a few thousand invited guests.  It was a really good time to be in networking.  This picture was taken at the Sept. 1990, NetWorld -Thomas Conrad party.  That year they were promoting their managed network switches as the "Traffic Cop" of your network.  Hence the police officer costume for this event staffer.

Just for reference, at that time TC sold a 100 Megabit Ethernet LAN card for $1100, today many vendors sell comparable cards for less than $10.  But none of them can afford to throw parties like they did in the good old days.

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