Mi Niñez Casa

This picture, from 1970, is of the house I grew up in, in Springfield, MO.  At the time Ken Street defined a one street neighborhood out in the country with multiple fields both in front of and behind the few houses that existed on this gravel road.  Today it's a mature, fully developed area. All the fields are gone, also filled with single family dwellings, and the trees you see in this picture now stand 60 ft tall and almost fully obscure this house when viewed from this same angle. 

Just looking at this picture causes an unending cascade of memories that I can't help but wonder if they might otherwise have remained unaccessed, except for the trigger of this picture.  The white car in the driveway was a 1969 Chrysler Newport, and if you knew how un-into cars I am, you would realize what a miracle it is that I remembered that!  I was 9 years old when this picture was taken.

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