Marvel Cave - 1976

I was recently crawling thru the attic of my old computer lab, and discovered several boxes of old memorabilia.  One item I've unboxed so far was an old photo album I had as a kid.  In the album I came across this picture that has significance for two reasons.  It's from a period where I start to have very few pictures, from the age of 15 thru about 24, and it's also a picture of the first girl I ever kissed, a gal by the name of Lisa Poole.

This picture was from May 15, 1976, it's the "we want to sell you a souvenir" gimmick that all tourist attractions insist on selling you, but back then they were real photographs rather than the ink-jet printouts they sell today.  (By the way, if you have one of those that you cherish, scan it now before the ink dyes fade!)  Marvel Cave is an interesting place with one of the cave rooms so large they have flown full-sized hot air balloons around inside it!

I was 15 years old in this pic, and a freshman in High School, as for the girl, her family moved to Iowa the next year and I never heard from her again.  I'd tell you about the Poison Ivy, but that's another story.

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