If it's worth doing...

In this picture, from Halloween night 1995, Chris was 11 years old and Alex was 3.  Chris and I had a tradition of seeing just how far we could push the envelope on his costume, and in the mid 90's we switched from traditional costumes to theatrical makeup.  He would sit patiently for up to two hours while I did his makeup.  This year wasn't the best of the work, but it wasn't bad.  (So far I have not located the pictures of his best year - still looking).

We eventually got good enough at this that not only did his own mother not recognize him, (He could actually visit the house collect the bounty, and go unrecognized), but neither did his grandparents, neighbors, or anyone else.  (He practiced a disguised voice for quite a while before hand.)

I don't remember if it was this year or not, but I remember one year when, after we were finished, he looked into the mirror and didn't recognize the reflection, it was quite a reaction, which made it all worth wild for me.   This (1995) was Alex's first year at the Trick or Treat game.

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