Sorry, but the PhilCase web journal is no longer public.

After significant consideration, I decided to make my daily journal private.  This was not an easy decision, but several factors have lead me to this point:

First, the journal was never really meant to be a public forum, rather more of a private, diary like, device.  However, when I started receiving email I allowed myself to be swayed into using it more as a stump for my opinions.  I found myself writing for the benefit of others rather than my own needs, and it was time to fix that.

Secondly, the journal represented a real temptation to try to affect how other people see things.  While this is, perhaps,  a noble goal, if I'm going to improve the world, it's going to start with the man in the mirror.   As for expressing my perspectives, I hope to write a series of intermittent opinion essays on subjects I find of interest.  Any such efforts will be posted on the site.

Third, the amount of email the site was generating was becoming a serious consumer of my time.  I've recently been averaging about 90 minutes a day just reading the email it generates, I simply don't have the time to do this.

And finally, the journal is a place where I want the freedom to record more personal thoughts without concern about what others may think.  If I record specific thoughts about specific individuals or groups, I don't want them to be  troubled by either their own emotions, or the public exposure associated with an open site.